This Is Range: Milo Ventimiglia Was Capturing J Lo’s ‘Second Act’ Whereas Burning Down the Pearson Home

Keep in mind when Jack Pearson reentered a burning home to fetch his daughter’s canine and a number of other household mementos and ended up dying on account of it? Yeah, “This Is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia remembers it too, solely these recollections of filming the heartbreaking Season 2 episode are intertwined with pretty ones of creating a rom-com with Jennifer Lopez.

Ventimiglia advised Leisure Weekly in an interview printed Tuesday that he had a blast whereas capturing “Second Act” with JLo (sorry, Mandy Moore) although he was filming the venture whereas “burning down the Pearson house.”

“I had met Jennifer a couple times by way of NBC; her TV show, my TV show,” Ventimiglia mentioned. “I got a phone call that said, ‘Hey, Jen’s doing this movie and she really wants you. And she doesn’t want anybody else. She wants you.’ So I was like, okay! I was literally fighting my schedule on the show to find a handful of days that I could fly back to the East Coast because we filmed in New York.”

“Once I finally landed on set, she’s the coolest, most hard-working, most naturally gifted partner out there,” he continued. “We enjoyed ourselves. It was really fun. I filmed over the course of a month and I kind of went back and forth from L.A. to New York when I could between the show. While I was burning down the Pearson house, I was also arm-in-arm with Jennifer.”